Accounting and finance support for technology startups


Mitch Consulting is a firm of Chartered Accountants providing support for technology startups and early stage companies.


ICAEW Membership number 7687308, registered in England
BIC114 - The MedBIC, Alan Cherry Drive, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1SQ

Mitch Consulting have provided an efficient and creative solution to the problem of implementing tight financial controls and ‘big company’ accounting procedures in a technology startup environment. I would highly recommend this approach to any early stage technology company who are not yet in a position to recruit a full accounting team.
— Alain Falys, Founder/CEO, Yoyo Wallet + Founder, OB10
Mark served as the Group Financial Controller for OB10 from 2000 to 2014 and built a strong international finance function from a zero base. He has excellent technical skills and deep operational experience that would be of great benefit to technology startups in their early stages.
— Robin Wooldridge, ex CFO, OB10 + Tungsten Network

We now have the capacity to provide support for additional startup/early stage companies.